Ababu Namwamba talks about his position as ODM SG

ODM secretary general Ababu Namwamba has denied claims that he is sidelining himself from the Cord Coalition and instead dining and secretly working with the ruling Jubilee Coalition.

Namwamba said he is firmly in Cord and still remains ODM SG and that nothing will make him change tune from the opposition to start supporting Jubilee.

He disclosed that he has been frustrated and intimidated for the 18 months he has been the SG of ODM party, adding that there are people who did not want him elected in the position.

“I am a person who cannot be forced to do something I do not believe in. Those who opposed my election as SG in Kasarani are the ones who say I’m a ‘mole’ to the Jubilee government.When I was about to be overwhelmingly elected, all hell broke loose in Kasarani,” he said.

He noted that his silence during times when his fellow Cord leaders, members and supporters were demonstrating and protesting demanding for the ouster of the current Commissioners at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), was not deliberate and neither was he associating with Jubilee.

“I support my party’s decision to protest and demand for the reconstitution of IEBC. The Commission needs to be reformed for a free, fair election in 2017. The party has the right to picket peacefully Constitutionally. But I have also been busy with work in my Constituency,” said the Budalangi lawmaker.

He added that he was blessed with a baby boy recently and so he decided to spend some time with his wife and family, thus the reason as to why he failed to join his colleagues in demonstrations.

Speaking on Citizen Television’s Power Breakfast on Tuesday, Namwamba further condemned violence witnessed in some of the Cord demonstrations, particularly in Kisumu, saying he will never be part of violence.

He noted that protesters should protest peacefully and allow other persons to conduct their daily operations uninterrupted.


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