Joho condemns arrest of Cord MPs, accuses Jubilee administration of ‘dictatorship’

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho says the Jubilee Government has chosen to conduct itself in a manner that threatens national stability and undermines national cohesion following arrests of Cord legislators for alleged hate speech.

Joho condemned the arrest of his
colleagues in the strongest terms possible, saying charges levelled against them are not in keeping with the spirit of nation building.

“The harassment and bullying of elected public officials, further erodes the little progress we have made as a country. Given the partisan treatment of this issue, and the governments reluctance and eventual arrest of their coalition members that have threatened assassinations and
evictions of people non – indigenous to certain areas, we can only surmise a lack of interest in pursuing national cohesion from Jubilee,” Joho said.

He noted that Kenya has recently come through very difficult times and that instead of building it through pursuing inter-ethnic, inter-regional and inter-generational equity, Kenyans have been treated to repeated displays of discrimination by public policy and outright brutality against perceived “enemies of the state”.

“I want to remind the Jubilee coalition, that the world has seen greater tyrants and more repressive states that have all eventually fallen. I wish to urge our partners to behave in a manner that guarantees the endurance of the state.”

Instead of worrying about the utterances of individuals, Joho said the stste should pursue a more inclusive national conversation and implement a material substantive approach to public policy that promotes a lasting peace.

“Instead of selling ancestral land to the people of Likoni in a resettlement payment program that has never been seen before in this country, or pursuing a sugar deal that threatens the lives of 6 million people in the sugar belt, or killing 24 sheikhs and putting targeted groups of people in cages at Kasarani National Stadium.

I would urge our brothers and sisters in the ruling coalition to pursue policy that integrates this country. A policy that will build tolerance that will last for generations,” noted the Governor.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Deputy ODM Chairman said the arrests made on five Cord MPs only serve to demonise a section of the population.

He said like governments everywhere, the government, bears all responsibility for national stability and cohesion because they are the bearers of all the tools to ensure the same.

Joho urged Jubilee leaders to proceed with caution, saying the stability and future of the Kenyan project depends on it.

  • Eight MPs from both Cord and Jubilee were arrested and incarcerated for alleged hate speech on Tuesday. Five of them are Cord MPs.

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