Mutua: Hate mongers should not be spared

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua says all citizens, especially leaders who engage in hate speech and incitement, should be held to account regardless of their political persuasion.

He strongly condemned utterances and actions that cause hate and inflame tension in the country, saying the law should take its course without fear or favour.

In the same vein, Mutua said leaders whose followers and supporters engage in violence should also be held accountable and action taken against them.

“It is interesting to note that not a single leader whose followers have been throwing stones, carrying crude weapons, burning tires and blocking roads has publicly issued a statement telling his or her followers to desist from the
violent acts.”

“…it can, therefore, be deduced that the silence of leaders to condemn violent action by their supporters means that the leaders support these violent acts and may be the ones organising and funding them. These leaders only condemn the police and not their violent followers. This is hypocritical behaviour,” said the Governor in a statement on Wednesday.

He noted that history has shown Kenyans that it is vital that planners and organizers of violence be held accountable.

He called upon the Inspector General of Police and other relevant bodies to peruse the law and take necessary action so as to instill discipline in the behaviour of all leaders.

“No one should be spared. “Eneza chuki na ghasia uone”, should be the motto. I urge that strong action also be taken against
perpetrators of hate on social media.”

According to the Maendeleo Chap Chap Movement party founder, some WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter posts have been used to peddle lies, create tribal
animosity and divide Kenyans.

He said: ” Those who participate in hate speech and incitement postings and forums should also face the law. The message should be very clear. No one should be allowed to burn Kenya. We have to safeguard the peace we enjoy in this country. The time to stem this indiscipline and to save our country Kenya is now.”


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