Governors: Media, Senators huge hindrance to Devolution

Governors have accused senators and the media of dragging steps made in Counties since inception of devolution.

They say the media has concentrated on reporting negatives about devolution, despite governors and county governments working round the clock to ensure its  full implementation.

Council of Governors (CoG) Chairman Peter Munya said devolution is a success and has greatly improved lives of locals in all the devolved units.

According to the Meru County Governor, county governments have made tremendous steps in taking services closer to the people, including health, ECDEs for the children, agriculture, education, among other relevant government services.

“Up to this point, I am not ashamed to say devolution is a success. Counties have attained a lot since government functions were devolved. Our people now have services important to them, close. As governors, we will continue ensuing devolution benefits each because the Constitution does not select. It serves us both,” noted Munya.

Speaking during a forum on devolution scoreboard at the Safari Park Hotel, the CoG boss criticized senators for failing to champion for the allocation of more funds to the Counties, saying they have failed in their mandates.

“They have left governors to call for more allocations from the National Treasury to Counties yet they have a responsibility to ensure enough monies are sent to the counties. This is a huge setback to devolution,” Munya complained.

His sentiments were echoed by former CoG Chairman, Bomet County Governor Isaac Ruto, who said County’s allocations are not enough and should be increased.

On his part,  Kisumu County Chief Jack Ranguma expressed dissatisfaction that government recently devolved KeRRA roade but failed to allocate funds for the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of the roads, which he said are in deplorable sorry state.


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