Moi University students, staff protest, demand removal of VC

Students and staff at Moi University Eldoret today took to streets to protest the return of Vice Chancellor Prof Richard Mibey, who had gone for a terminal leave, ahead of his retirement in September this year.

They claim Mibey has been at helm of the institution’s collapse, improper usage of student’s funds, non-performance and lack of learning equipment.

Led by Wilson Kemei, they lamented over what they termed as pathetic sanitary conditions and lack of development at the institution, and further linked top government politician of being behind the return of the vice chancellor.

They now want Mibey be removed from the one of the oldest Universities in the country and be replaced by a competent VC.

No university management official could be reached to answer to the claims raised.

Prof Fabian Omoding Esamai who heads College of Health Sciences was appointed in an acting capacity by the University Senate, when Mibey went for a terminal leave early this month.

However, students and staff at the institution were surprised when he returned unexpectedly to commence his duties.

Prof Fabian Omoding Esamai who has been the Principal of College of Health Sciences, took charge as the VC in an acting capacity.

The University Council chairman, Prof Jenesio Kinyamario made the announcement late May, during a joint Senate and Council meeting held at Moi University main campus in the Senate Chambers.

Prof Daniel Tarus, who is the Director of the Privately Sponsored Students’ Programme (PSSP), was been appointed in acting capacity as the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance, replacing Prof David Tuigong.

Prof Mibey has served Moi University for a period of 10 years now as the Vice Chancellor and his term office ends in September 2016.

It is usual for university Vice Chancellors to take terminal leave ahead of the end of their tenure.

Prof Mibey was expected to return to the University at the official end of his tenure to hand over his powers to the person who would have been appointed by the Ministry of Education as the substantive Vice Chancellor.


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