Gender Commission wants counties to establish forensic labs for rape victims

County governments have been challenged to set aside a portion of the funds collected as revenue, and establish forensic laboratories in county hospitals that will help in investigating cases of rape and defilement.

National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) Chairperson Winfred Lichuma said counties do not have forensic labs which can be used to fast track cases on rape and defilement, a situation that has greatly hindered provision of justice to the victims.

She said most of the counties only depend on Nairobi and Kisumu counties which are the only counties with forensic labs for such cases.

This, according to Lichuma, has made it impossible for rape victims to get justice, since it takes a long period of time for evidence to be analysed in the labs and ferrying of the evidence to and from the County Courts, making perpetrators to walk scorts-free.

“There’s need for county governments to set aside funds to establish forensic labs in county hospitals. This will help in dealing with evidence for rape victims. Currently, we all have to go all the way to Kisumu and Nairobi for the forensics,” noted the NGEC chairperson.

She was speaking on Tuesday when she toured Vihiga County.


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