Governors boycott Senate Committee summons over county expenditure

The Council of Governors (CoG) has suspended all summons made to governors from the Senate House Committees for grilling over usage of county funds.

CoG chairperson Peter Munya made it clear that no governor will appear before the senators-committees, for any matter, until further notice.

According to the Council, senators summon governors before the committees to humiliate them and use the rare opportunity to attack them at personal levels.

He said before governors are summoned, county accounting officers should be given the opportunity to furnish all the needed information to the Committees.

“This summoning of governors everyday  over glimpse  grounds without  first exhausting the accounting officers in the  counties is unacceptable.”

  • Citing an incident where Nairobi County Governor Dr Evans Kidero was engaged in a brawl with his senator and member of Senate Public Accounts and Investments Committee Mike Sonko, when Kidero appeared before the Committee for grilling, Munya said senators are abusing Senate privileges to attack the County chiefs.

“The recent trend where privileges of parliament are being abused by Senate to attack character of governors when they appear before the Senate Committees. The lack of decorum and respect when they are dealing with governors is unacceptable. We are suspending the appearance of governors before the Senate until we are assured by the leadership of Senate that governors will be treated with respect and there will be no personalized attacks,” noted Munya.

Addressing journalists, Tuesday at CoG offices, Munya further called on the National Government to release funds from the Equalization Fund kitty and channel to the counties so as counties can use them.

He said funds from the kitty have been used by state ministries and departments to run projects in the counties for the past three years, saying is unconstitutional.


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