Stop sideshows in ODM, Oparanya responds to Ababu’s ‘cry’

ODM Deputy Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya has slammed ODM Secretary General Ababu Namuamba’s claims, alongside other seven ODM MPs from Western Kenya, that top Opposition leadership has sidelined them.

The Kakamega County governor has faulted Ababu, saying he holds a top position in the party but has not been attending important meetings organized by the party.

In a statement, Wednesday, Oparanya indicated that the Budalangi MP and his team should start working closely with the party, and avoid sideshows that risk dividing the Opposition’s unity.

MPs Paul Otuoma of (Funyula), Wilbur Ottichilo (Emuhaya), John Waluke (Sirisia), Andayi Andola of (Khwisero), Chris Omulele (Luanda), Dorcas Kedogo of (Vihiga County) and Silverse Anami Lisamula of Shinyalu claim CORD leaders have been visiting the region without engaging them.

“We are not happy at all that the party leadership has no respect for us as elected leaders in the region. The Party Leader as well as the National Chairman have been conducting activities in the region without involving us at all,” they said in a joint statement, Tuesday.

The lawmakers claim Ababu is a founding member of ODM and a proven party stalwart, who has served ODM party and Opposition chief Raila Odinga with exceptional dedication, from the floor of Parliament to the trenches.

“When the party was at its lowest ebb after the mass exodus of the Pentagon leaders that included William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi, Hon Ababu led from the front to steady the Orange Ship. It is for good reasons that he is called GENERALI in party circles.”

“How does such a proven fine party warrior suddenly become a traitor? What do you expect of a Secretary General that is clearly tolerated than appreciated? How do you undermine a senior party official then expect him to perform? Why was the Secretary General not consulted when the Party Executive Director was hired? Why has the SG’s constitutional mandate as Party Spokesman been usurped by other people who now casually purport to speak for the party?,” wonderd the lawmakers.

They want full representation in the party and emphasized that they will not accept to be taken for granted.


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