First Lady hails Kangemi’s St Joseph Centre

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has hailed St. Joseph’s The Worker Health Centre upgrading and becoming a fully- fledged health centre, complete with a new maternity wing, a dental and eye clinic and an orthopedic clinic.

She said the facility in Kangemi offers  affordable health services not only to the immediate community living in the area, but you also to the neighbouring communities from Uthiru, Kinoo in Kiambu County and Kawangware.

“I thank the founders, partners, well-wishers and friends who have since the very beginning worked, and given tirelessly to ensure the health center becomes what we see here.”

She said she was confident that all the staff who work at the Centre, give much of themselves to ensure that the communities receive the required love, attention and service they require.

This, she said has received the attention of many, including Pope Francis who visited the Centre during his visit to Kenya last year.

“Indeed, this centre is meeting so many needs of the children, young adults, mothers, fathers, and the elderly: the need for women to give birth in safe and sterile environments; for children to receive the much needed inoculations that keep them from contracting preventable diseases; the need for those living with HIV to receive holistic interventions including nutritional, psychological, medical and economic support; the need for victims of sexual violence to receive help, hope and healing,” said the First Lady when she visited the Centre on Tuesday.

She disclosed she has spent the last few years trying to raise awareness on issues  and so she knows how much sacrifice and dedication is required.

“As a woman, as a mother and as a Kenyan, I am extremely encouraged by the work that the health centre is doing.

I know that the St. Joseph’s parish has other programs that you are running as well to empower, educate and uplift the economic status of the marginalised people.”

She added: “Through your Dolly Craft Sewing Project and the St. Joseph Carpentry project, you’re equipping men and women with the skills to earn a sustainable living and meet the needs of their families.”


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