Revised police reforms launched, Nkaissery says only few officers are corrupt

Interior and Coordination Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Nkaissery has reiterated that only few individuals in the police service are corrupt and not the entire department.

Nkaissery has dismissed reports by the Anti-graft agency and other research institutions that have portrayed the police service as corrupt, saying police reforms have transformed the police service and only four per cent engage in corruption matters.

Speaking when he launched Revised Police Reform Strategy at a Nairobi Hotel, Thursday, the Cabinet Secretary noted that the strategies will help reform the entire police service and turn it into the most trusted sector.

He also hailed the Swedish, the UK, US governments among other security patner states, for playing a critical role in ensuring Kenya is safe for its citizens and visitors, adding that surveillance cameras will be mounted in Nairobi and Mombasa to enhance security.

Speaking at the same event, Independent Medico Legal Unit (IMLU) Chief Executive Peter Kiama called for better housing facilities for the police officers.

On this, Nkaissery said the revised police reform strategy will address the issue and integrity issues.

Kiama emphasized the need for government to fast-track police’s scheme of service, saying this will motivate them each time they are on duty, for they will be hoping for promotions.

According to him, there is no scheme of service for police officers in the country, a situation which demotivates them from doing their job in a professional manner.


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