Cofek wants state tell Kenyans total maize Kenya has in store

The Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) has challenged the national government through Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett, to disclose the total amount of maize, the government has.

This follows claims by the Maize Millers Association, that there is a shortage of maize in the country, a situation that has resulted to importation of maize from the neighbouring Tanzania and an increase in flour prices.

Cofek Secretary General Stephen Mutoro says there is a cartel in the government that is either blackmailing Kenyans for self benefits, and emphasized that Kenyans should be told how much maize the country has, in the Government’s Strategic Maize Reserve.

This is after Deputy President William Ruto and CS Bett, downplayed claims that there is maize shortage, and directed the release of one million bags of maize to mitigate the situation.

According to Mutoro, Kenyans are in the dark, and must know which between the two conflicting statements, is true.

On matters IEBC, the Bungoma County 2017 gubernatorial hopeful hailed the agreed dialogue between Cord and Jubilee Coalitions, saying it is the best way out of possible election violence.

Mutoro however expressed dissatisfaction over the issue, saying the clergy, civil society and the public have been left out in IEBC talks.

He said all parties should have been included in the talks for an inclusive and decisive, amicable conclusion.

He was speaking at a Nairobi Hotel, during a programming code event, organized by Cofek, Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) and the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) on Monday morning.


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