Gachagua: Governors will not appeare before Senate Committees

Governors have remained adamant that they will not honour summons by the Senate Committee on Public Accounts and Investments (PAC) until they are assured that they will not be attacked at personal levels.

Nyeri governor Nderitu Gachagua and his Bomet counterpart Isaac Ruto say, senators in the committees lack professionalism in conducting their responsibilities by overstepping on Senate privileges.

They have indicated the committee’s mandate is to ensure governors align county funds with respective projects, but senators use the committee sittings to attack governors for political reasons.

Citing an incident where Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko attacked Governor Evans Kidero and accused him of murder and corruption before the Committee members, Gachagua said the Committee’s chairman Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o should ensure committee members ask relevant questions, related to the reasons for the summons and use his powers to protect governors from personal attacks from senators.


The Committee however warned governors from snubbing summons, saying they risk facing up to five-year jail term as per the standing orders.


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