NCPB: We have enough maize for the country

A team from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) and others from the Public Health department, have launched an exercise to determine if whether or not, maize in the National Cereal Boards (NCPBs) silos in the North Rift region, is not suitable for consumption.

This is after the Kenya Maize Millers Association claimed the country has maize deficit and that the few sacks remaining are contaminated, for they have been stored for long.

National NCPB Chairman Geoffrey King’ang’i said claims by Maize Millers are false, adding that all cereals that had been stored for long was sold last year.

Speaking in Eldoret on Tuesday, he said the inspection also comprises of food experts; Eastern Africa Exchange, which is an independent body, and further disclosed the NCPBs have a total of 2.7 million sacks of maize fit for human consumption, yet millers have not approached them for purchase.

Lobby group Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) through Secretary General Stephen Mutoro had demanded that the government explains to Kenyans how much maize the country has, to allay misunderstandings of maize shortage and possibilities of food crisis.

NCPB is now urging Maize Millers to visit the silos and purchase maize and stop expensive importations from Tanzania.


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