Uhuru commends Wabukala for good work

President Uhuru Kenyatta commended the outgoing Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Eliud Wabukala for his great and wise leadership which has ensured peace and harmony among Christians and all Kenyans.

Speaking during a farewell party at the Archbishop’s residence, Kenyatta urged Kenyans to emulate the retiring Archbishop when given opportunity to serve.

“The peace that has reigned in the church across the country, the harmony that has prevailed in the church throughout the country is a great legacy that he leaves behind. Indeed it is a foundation on which those that come after you, will need to build on,” said the President over the weekend.

He challenged Kenyans to always leave institutions better than they found them when given opportunity to serve the country.

“There is a new Anglican bishop coming and the Anglican community will continue. No one is here permanent but Kenya and her people shall always be here. What we need to do when given opportunity is to ensure you leave people more prosperous and more harmonious than you found them.”

He said Wabukala has been an inspiration to many having imparted words of wisdom and counsel to leaders and all Kenyans.

He thanked him for being in the forefront championing morality in the Kenyan society.

“You have been instrumental in working together not only with my government but also the previous ones on many issues, from bringing peace to different communities to helping us in the fight against corruption and bringing morality and good standing to our nation,” said the President.

The retiring Archbishop, thanked the President for his support and humility which has ensured the country continues to progress despite many challenges, according to a statement from PSCU.

Wabukala assured the President of his prayers and moral support even as he retires from service.

Jackson ole Sapit replaces Wabukala, after serving ACK for seven years.


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