Home deliveries reduce by 10 per cent

Cases of expectant mothers delivering from home in Kàkamega County have reduced from 35 per cent to 25 per cent.

This has been reached with help of ‘Protect the Life of Mother and Child’ initiative, which advises expectant women to deliver in hospitals, where they can be attended to, in case of any labour complications.

The chairman of the initiative Chris Wanyoike has affirmed that women in the county have embraced the initiative, therefore reducing maternal deaths.

He disclosed that they are looking forward to roll out the project in at least 21 other counties, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and other health agencies, adding that the initiative has reduced total home deliveries to 20 per cent.

“We are actually planning for a scale up, of some components of this project to at least 21 counties and at this point we are in negotiations with the Ministry of Health, the Government of Kenya and various partners, even global, to see how we can scale up significant components of this project, to all counties,” he said.

Mr Wanyoike said this is a good gesture towards protecting lives of both mothers and new-born babies.


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