Kidero treks from CBD to Yaya Centre


Nairobi County Governor Dr Evans Kidero was forced to leave behind his car and walk all the way from City Hall to Yaya Centre along Ngong Road, following heavy traffic on Nairobi streets on Tuesday.

Residents of Nairobi expressed disappointments after transport services along major roads came to a standstill due to massive traffic snarl-up, following a state-visit by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Roads such as Uhuru Highway, Mombasa Road, Chiromo Road, Waiyaki Way, Kipande Road, Valley Road and Kenyatta Avenue resembled parking lots, as some motorists decided to switch off engines of their vehicles to save fuel, waiting for the time the traffic would move.

Accompanied by his bodyguards, Dr Kidero could not wait for the time the vehicles would move, and neither could he accept to stay in his car, in the traffic since the car ‘does not have a working Air Conditioner’.

Other roads such as State House Road, a section of Chiromo, and Haille Sellasie Avenue were closed, with motorists seeking alternative routes, only to end up in ‘parked’ traffic.

Some commuters decided to walk to their destinations, as those heading to work feared to lose their jobs, for getting to work late, even though Nairobi County traffic boss had alerted motorists about possible traffic and advised them to find alternative routes.

“Malfunctioning AC plus heavy traffic on Nairobi County roads. Walking from CBD to Yaya Centre is the only way out…” the governor posted on Twitter.


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