County sets up committee to curb unlawlessness, illegal dumping

The Nairobi County government has formed a five-member Committee that will investigate and deal with cases of unlawlesness across the sub-counties following the dismissal of six county administration officers.

Making the announcement on Wednesday, the chairman of the Committee- deputy governor Jonathan Mueke said the six were dismissed for incompetence and soliciting bribes from the business community, transport sector among other groups.

“We have already deployed officers across the city to arrest any individuals that will be breaching the law. Last week we arrested certain people who were caught dumping illegally at Muthurwa market,” warned Mueke.

Mueke said each member of the committee will be given their duties and responsibilities, adding that those who will fail in their duties or engage in corruption will likely face sacking.

The Committee is tasked with ensuring zero cases of illegal dumping, arrest and charge unlicensed hawkers, persons erecting illegal kiosks along major city roads, bodaboda operators flouting city rules among other lawlessness.



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