NTSA concerned over increased road carnage

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has challenged Kenyans and motorists on Kenyan roads, to ensure maximum road safety, and zero road carnage, first, by themselves before asking for help from the government.

Director-General Francis Mejja said road safety starts with an individual before road safety or government transport institutions come in.According to him, road safety institutions were created to ensure motorists and Kenyans using roads, abide to road regulations through enforcement of safety laws.

“We can help reduce road carnage only if Kenyans abide by road regulations. It is difficult for NTSA to force you to abide by road safety regulations unless we arrest you when overspeeding, lack road particulars among other cases. But it is upon yourself to drive according to the speed limit because it is a law we gave out,” said Mejja.

He raised concerns over increased road fatalities on Kenyan roads, saying Kenyans on roads have an ‘attitude’ that is difficult to control.

“The biggest problem NTSA has now is Kenyan ‘attitude’. This is the greatest cause of road accidents. Kenyans think it is someone else who can die in an accident and not them. That’s why you find many motorists overspeeding, overlapping, carrying excess passengers thinking they are not next victims of road carnage. This attitude is bad.”

Citing a recent accident incident that claimed seven lives of family members at Salgaa, Nakuru County, the NTSA director general said the family had drove from Kitale-Nyeri the previous day, and came back the same day at night.

According to him, the driver had fatigue and could not drive carefully because they had driven the entire day.

“How do you expect to travel to Nyeri from Kitale and go back on the same day? Seriously, this is practically impossible. The family was fatigued hence the accident. Kenyans please, let’s not think we are better than those dying in accidents. Take caution and apply logic. Road safety is an all inclusive agenda and it starts with you,” said Mejja.

He was speaking during an interview on Citizen television on Sunday night.


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