Eastleigh hawkers vow not to leave streets despite demos by traders

Hawkers in Eastleigh Nairobi have stated that they will not leave the streets unless the County government sets aside adequate space for them to conduct business.

This follows shutdown of major shopping malls and shops by traders in the area and peaceful protests over uncollected garbage near their shops, poor sewerage systems and hawker menace threatening their ventures.

The business community closed their shops since Wednesday to Friday for the whole days and have said they will continue doing so, and repeat thrice every week, untill the county government relocates hawkers and cleans up Eastleigh.

The business community says it has been paying close to Sh1,000,000 weekly in revenues yet they have been unable to get good returns due to hawkers hawking their products outside their shops.

They said this has caused some traders to leave and seek alternative markets in Uganda and Tanzania for profits.

However, the Chairman of Eastleigh Hawkers Association Aziz Suleiman said hawkers will go nowhere far from the streets because they, as well pay revenues to the county government of Nairobi and that their business land was grabbed.

“We are very happy that the shops have closed because we can now sale everything. We will go nowhere. They grabbed our land that we used as selling point and unless they return it, we will not leave,” said Aziz.


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