Media Women urge women to go for elective posts, as Gender Commission fault MPs over Gender Bill

The Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) has raised concerns over the low number of women coming out to seek for elective posts and senior government positions.

AMWIK Director said such a trend is a threat to women leadership, adding that the Kenyan constitution gives room for women to vie for any position and that they should stop fear and go for the positions.

On her part, National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) chairperson Winfred Lichuma once again faulted Kenyan political leaders on what she termed as looking down on them by failing to pass the two-thirds gender Bill.

She said Kenyan women greatly contributed to the voting of the current constitution, for they were aware that it would give them an opportunity to be fully represented in parliament and public service.

Lichuma expressed disappointment after the Bill flopped twice in both national and senate assembly, adding that the next parliament is likely to be disbanded for being formed unconstitutionally, until Members pass the gender bill.





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