Why nudity? Kenyan Ladies please..!



The internet has been infiltrated. It has been filled with all sort of things. Everything anyone wants, is found online. As long as you have data, or internet, you are good to go. You can post, upload, download, search, find or see anything online.

Kenyans are not excluded from accessing the internet. What annoys me most, is how some Kenyan ladies use the internet.

I’ve come across, occasionally, nude photos of many Kenyan ladies, online. Why do they do this? One may ask.

Those who do it will tell you they do for publicity, they do it for work or anything they think is an appropriate answer. Some will say “What is wrong with me posting my nude photos online? Mind your own business”.

Personally, if you get my nude photo online, then that is definitely not me. If it is, it could have been uploaded under duress, or without my consent. But why would I pose for a photo when nude?? I would never be an ambassador of such.

Many Kenyan ladies have copied the Western style, where celebrities post nude photos online, without finding it an issue. They have forgotten that you do now, may affect your tomorrow, positively or negatively.

One would do this today, and later want to be employed tomorrow. As a CEO of a deceit reputable company, would you employ an a staff that has her nude photos online? Well for me, the answer is NO.

Kenyan ladies should know that even though we are in the 21st century, today decides tomorrow’s outcome. No man would want a wife, whose ‘naked’ body is all over the internet. No African father would want to see his nude daughter’s body online either.

Kenyan ladies should respect their bodies.


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