Khalwale, top city lawyer attack Kidero over his ‘extinct’ Kidero Grass

[Pic1: the Kidero Grass in July 2015. Pic2: A photo taken by Bonny Khalwale of the flower garden of the Kidero Grass, May 19, 2017]

Kakamega senator Bonny Khalwale has attacked Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero, over his infamous ‘Kidero Grass’.

The governor earned the name following his project ”Beautification of Uhuru Highway”, to spruce up the city in the run-up ahead of the then US President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya, in July, 2015.

It is believed City Hall awarded to seven contractors tenders worth Sh48.9 million to plant the grass.
The activity was successfully implemented, shining up the city, but after few months, there was no more grass, up to this minute (time this article is being published), despite spending the millions of shillings.

The move, apparently, attracted the Ford Kenya party deputy leader, who took to social media to question why there was no more grass.

Khalwale was driving past Uhuru Highway to the city centre, when he tweeted about it, prompting reactions from his followers, such as prominent High Court Advoocate, Jennifer Shamalla.

Check the below tweets, shared, Friday May 19, 2017:

Unbelievable! reportedly spent Sh. 40million to plant grass on Mombasa Road. Alas, he has now uprooted the grass!


Jennifer Shamalla Retweeted Boni Khalwale

That is for you! He still needs to explain the missing billions from


Kidero is synonymous with corruption. Nairobi deserve better. Iam in odm but this time I will not vote Kidero his mgt skills is stealing


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