Vihiga family pleads gov’t to rescue their ‘kidnapped’ KDF soldier



Senior Private Alfred Ndanyi’s parents alongside his two children, May 19, 2017. [Photo/]

A family in Vihiga county, is pleading with the Kenyan government to have their son released from Al-Shabaab militants.

This follows a video released, Thursday, by Al-Shabaab showing a Kenyan soldier, Senior Private Alfred Ndanyi, captured in Somalia, asking to be rescued by the Kenyan government.

According to the video, Ndanyi is begging President Uhuru Kenyatta to negotiate with the Shabaab in order to enable him and his colleague be freed.

Ndanyi was among Kenyan soldiers based in Somalia, who were attacked by the militiamen in El-Adde, January 2016, leaving over 100 KDF soldiers dead.

In an interview with the Nation, Ndanyi’s parents, Epainitus Kilasi and Nifreda Kahuga said the video had given them renewed hope that their son was still alive and want government to help him out.

“I have no job. Ndanyi was our main bread winner. He fended for us and his own family. He took care of our hospital bills and bought us medicine. Now I have wounds on my leg, I can’t walk,” said the father.

Ndanyi is married with four children.


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