SGR crew to wear Jubilee Party colours, as Kenyans react



The SGR cabin crew line up (L) dressing colours resembling President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto’s Jubilee Party’s (R). [Photo/Courtesy]

The Ministry of Transport is on May 31, 2017, set to officially commission the first phase of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, will be the chief guests, and are expected to preside over the event.

Construction of Phase One of the project from Nairobi-Mombasa costed taxpayers a tune of Sh327 billion.

Construction of 120km SGR, Phase II, from Nairobi-Naivasha is on course and is estimated to cost Sh153 billion.

The SGR locomotives. [Photo/Courtesy]

Even as top Jubilee government leadership is expected to officiate the much anticipated event, something unusual has come out.

The Standard Gauge released photos of smartly dressed cabin crew, who will be working in the SG trains, through social media, Thursday.

Concentration was left in the manner which the crew was dressed. The dresses, scarfs and caps resembled colours of the ruling Jubilee government.

The red, yellow and black outfits, have striking semblance to Jubilee Party’s colours.

A number of Kenyans on social media questioned the government over the same, saying colours of the Kenya Railways Cooperation (KRC), should be the ones to be used.

See the below tweets:

Replying to   and 3 others

Just curious: Is the cabin crew uniform inspired by Kenya Railway’s corporate identity? Why such warm colours like the dragon and JAP?

  May 18

Replying to   and 3 others

Where are our national colours?

  May 19

Apparently these are workers of the SGR train,but colours are more of the Ugandan flag


Replying to   and 3 others

you are mongoloids. Why Jubilee colours?


Replying to   and 4 others

Hata blue na white ni Jubilee colours?? Meanwhile check on Kenya Railways colours


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