Cyber bully as Kenyan-Tanzanian mother commits murder after Facebook Group bullied her


A photo of Brenda Akinyi Maone Waru (L) and her coffin (R), during her funeral in Tanzania. [Photo/Nairobi News]

Buyer Beware – Kenya (ORIGINAL), a Facebook group, is on the spot for allegedly, causing the death of a 29-year-old, mother of one 3-year-old.

Brenda Akinyi Maone Waru, reportedly killed herself after members of the group, bullied her, after she asked for assistance, posting her plight on the platform.

Brenda Nyakerario, a friend to the deceased, said the late sat her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) at Moi Girls High School, Eldoret and had dropped out of University of Nairobi School of Medicine in 2007, over undisclosed reasons. She was living with her daughter and house help.

Akinyi posted to the group, which has over 87,000 members, about the defilement of her daughter, by her ex-boyfriend.

This is after she had reported the case to Kabete Police Station, but cried foul due to ‘slow’ pace of investigation into the case.

Apparently, an officer who was assigned the case reportedly asked to sleep with her, and she gave in “because she was desperate”.

“There were people in the group who, when they heard that the child had been raped by her (Ms Akinyi’s) friend, they started talking ill, others ridiculing her and all, rather than console her. They spoke badly to her. They frustrated her,” Ms Akinyi’s uncle, James Okello said.

According to Okello, Akinyi secretly recorded the officer during the event, where he promised to help her.

”But after sleeping with her, the officer disappeared, aggravating her stress,” said the uncle.

A second born in a family of six, she had resolved to live in Nairobi despite her parents migrating to the neighbouring country. They bought land in the country, following the 2007-2008 post election violence.

Okello, a brother of Akinyi’s mother, told Nairobi News that the family lives in Tanzania, where she was buried after being transported from Kenya.

“The person who made the matter worse was the policeman. He did something very bad,” Okello said.

She posted the matter on “Buyer Beware – Kenya (ORIGINAL)”, with hopes to get advice on how to go about the matter, only to be attacked, worsening her situation.

“Brenda has been going through a lot and she was always online and depression was eating into her for lack of help. They bashed and ridiculed her and she felt the world was against her,” said Nyakerario, the friend.

Some of her friends who are members of the group, who spoke to the Sunday Nation on condition of anonymity for fear of being bullied, said, in the week leading to her death, some members of the group had stepped up attacks against Akinyi, accusing her of faking the whole defilement story, to con them money.

NAirobi News contacted Mildred Owiso, an administrator of the group, to respond to claims that she participated in the bullying and allowed other members do it. She denied the allegations, saying she in fact helped Akinyi get help.

“I sent her professional contacts, which I later learnt she never followed with. I am sure I did the best within my capacity as an administrator,” she said.

Akinyi left the group under unclear cicurmstances, with some saying that she was removed.

It was after she left and kept getting information of her being mentioned in bad light in the group that she felt really bitter, according to Nyakerario.

Akinyi committed suicide near Kabete Police Station on the night of Friday May 12, after throwing herself on oncoming traffic along Waiyaki Way. She reportedly, wanted to kill herself and the daughter, but the house help who was with her, blocked her, with help of a motorcyclist.

She had taken them out of the house, saying she wanted to take them for an outing, and they trekked along the highway.

A police officer attached to the police station on Saturday, said the matter was being handled as a traffic accident and referred to Rashid Hubale Mohammed, the Dagoretti OCPD, for further comment.

In her eulogy, the death is indicated simply as “through a road accident in Nairobi”. Akinyi was born in October 24, 1987, and was buried May 13, 2017.

                   VashMedia condoles with the family


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