My aim is to see Kenyans have affordable food – Uhuru



President Uhuru Kenyatta rolls chapati, during a past ceremony. [Photo/PSCU]

The government has taken action to contain rising food prices, State House Spokesperson, Manoah Esipisu has said.

Esipisu said President Uhuru Kenyatta recognised the misery caused by the strained maize production and supply of food occasioned by one of the severest droughts in the country’s history, and that measures have been taken to bring down the cost of maize flour (Unga).

“The bottom line for us is that unga is affordable again to the ordinary Kenyan and no matter the amount of debate or the amount of inquisition, there is likely nothing that can be done to change the fact that 2kg of Unga cost Ksh90,” Esipisu said, as reported by PSCU.

To bring stability that was required in the maize flour prices, Esipisu said a series of actions were taken over time and not overnight.

He addressed the press during weekly briefing, Sunday.

A 1kg packet of Unga was lowered to Sh47, while a 2kg packet was lowered to 2kg, after government imported maize from Mexico.


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