Tyranny of Numbers: Raila’s 10MillionStrong vs Uhuru’s 45MillionStrong


Presidential candidate Raila Odinga addresses supporters with 10MillionStrong placards (L). President Uhuru Kenyatta’s #45MillionStrong slogan. [Photo/Courtesy]

President Uhuru Kenyatta has accused the National Super Alliance (Nasa) of dividing Kenyans with its #10MillionStrong slogan.

speaking in Isiolo over the weekend, he said the Jubilee Party belongs to all Kenyans, hence the party’s #45MillionStrong slogan.

Uhuru said he is a leader of all Kenyans, of 45 tribes, thus the ’45 million-strong’, and would continue investing in projects that leave no part of the country behind.

The Opposition coalition, under Raila Odinga, has been running a campaign of numbers, saying it has a solid basket of ten million votes, hence the #10MillionStrong slogan.

Uhuru is the recent to talk about the numbers, even as NCIC chairman Francis Ole Kaparo and Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Nkaissery condemned usage of such slogans.

According to them, the slogans could brew violence after the August 8 polls.

Some Kenyans took to social media (Twitter) to react about #45MillionStrong, Monday, as indicated below:

JUBILEE’s includes 5 Million dead voters .

When NASA is only concerned about 10 million people, President is focused on serving and uplifting all Kenyans

For 20yrs this human being has preached hatred,chaos & division,from 1982 coup attempt to 2007 violence,bt Jubilee blvs in

Jubilee have run out of ideas amd used to stealing such that now resorting to stealing Raila ideas. This

The gov’t has taken services closer to the people! is in all corners of this country!

HE Uhuru has remained determined to a united Kenya while others focused on tribal animosity in hunger for power but we are

You, me and United Kenya are under the almighty. We’re 45M Strong. ~ President Uhuru Kenyatta


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