Lonyangapuo names a US-based scholar as gubernatorial running mate


West Pokot senator Prof John Lonyangapuo. [Photo/the standard]

West Pokot gubernatorial hopeful senator John Lonyangapuo has unveiled a US-based scholar as his running mate.

Considering regional balance, Lonyangapuo chose Nicholas Atudonyang, who hails from Lelan.

The Kanu aspirant expressed confidence of winning the seat in August 8, elections.

“I am optimistic with the assistance of my running mate, we shall win the polls and help in transforming the county,” said Lonyangapuo, Tuesday.

Atudonyang, who is a surgeon based in the United States, will arrive in Kenya next week.

“When Atudonyang arrives, we shall hold a big rally to officially welcome him,” Lonyangapuo added.

“I am glad I have represented my people diligently and I hope that come August they will allow me to serve them in the governor capacity. I am happy to have been rated as senator number one in the 47 counties. This shows that Pokot community has the potential to lead in various fields,” he added.

The senator will face off Jubilee’s incumbent Simon Kachapin in the upcoming general election.


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