Shock as a three year dead body is exhumed



A body of Ogada Ouko being exhumed in Kisumu. [Photo/]

Residents of Tieng’re, in Kisumu county watched in shock as the body of a man, Ogada Ouko, was buried two months ago was being  exhumed, Tuesday, following a land dispute.

Youths who were hired by the owner of the land, Gibson Onunga, exhumed the body following a court directive.

Drama ensued when some of the villagers who were against the court order, took to the streets to protest the court directive. They hurled stones to the police officers who had been brought to oversee the process.

The officers were forced to fire several teargas canisters to contain protestors.

After the coffin was exhumed and put into a police car, a section of youth brought down the  mud-walled house belonging to the deceased.

Conflict arose in 2014 following Ouko’s death. It is alleged that the deceased’s uncle had sold the piece of land to Onunga at a low price in 2007.

The body lied in mortuary since 2014, before it was buried recently.


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