Has Sh221M Sportpesa winner bought this Jeep Wrangler?


The Jeep Samuel Abisai (R) reportedly bought. [Photo/Courtesy]

Sportpesa Mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai gave his Facebook fans a glimpse of what life is like, when one has Sh221 million in their bank account.

Abisai posted a picture of a Jeep believed to cost around £98,000 (about Sh13,148,560.28).

The Jeep photo kept his Facebook followers guessing whether he was purchasing a new car or he was just budgeting for one. Many of his friends congratulated him while others told him to enjoy his newfound fortune without worries.

Abisai jetted off the country three weeks ago and is now enjoying his holiday in Tanzania with close friends and family, according to Game Yetu.

Despite his fame and success, the 28-year-old fashion designer has also remained humble by sharing his clothes design photos on his Facebook account, just like how he did, before winning the fortune.

Social media had rumoured that Abisai had earlier, visited Paris, France, for a holiday, following the win.


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