Nyagah launches bid for State House


Presidential aspirant Joe Nyagah launches his bid, May 24, 2017. [Photo/Twitter]

Presidential aspirant Joe Nyagah has slammed politicians in both Jubilee government and the Opposition, Nasa, over sentiments that the August 8, polls will be a two-horse-race.

Nyagah, and Independent candidate, said those saying the polls will be a two-horse-race, were very wrong.

According to him, such politicians were trying to lock other presidential aspirants out, simply because they see them as unpopular.

“Those saying polls will be a two-horse-race are wrong. Nyagah is faster than a horse. You will see, I will make sure they run until they are unable to. How can you compare a horse to an Ostrich?” said the presidential hopeful, Wednesday.

Speaking as he launched his presidential bid in Nairobi, the former Cooperative Development minister said he will serve Kenyans diligently if elected.

Critics say the race will be between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who faced each other in the 2013 elections.

Other aspirants such as Abduba Dida (Alliance For Real Change), Nazlin Umar (Independent Candidate) among others, are also in the race.


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