Vera Sidika opens up about her marriage life



Socialite Vera Sidika. [Photo:]

Vera Sidika says she is not planning to get married.

The socialite, who says she is a Social Entrepreneur, said she has never thought of getting married, any time soon, or ever.

According to the the controversial socialite, she is married to her herbal detox tea, Veetox.

She said the product, which “helps women look good” by flattening their tummy, just like hers’, is everything to her.

Speaking during Kalekye Mumo’s Talk Central show, Thursday, Sidika also revealed she was not dating.

“I am not planning to get married. I do not plan to get married, and I’ve never thought of it. Marriage is too demanding and I’m not into it,” she said.

Sidika further dismissed claims that she works for men, to be given money.

“I am a business woman, and I get my money, through my business. I am a queen, an people who spread such rumours are just jealous. They are peasants,” she said.

Sidika is known for her twerking in entertainment videos.


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