Akothee attacks haters as she performs in Dallas, ‘almost naked’



Akothee performs in Dallas, US, over the weekend. [Photo/Akothee/Facebook]

Singer Esther Akoth, alias Akothee has attacked haters and critics, who mind her business.

The Mombasa based business woman faulted persons who negatively talk about her, and her family, and asked them to mind their own business.

This, even as she performed in Dallas, USA, over the weekend.

Below is her message, shared on social media:

you dint know me in 2007 , you justkapose in my life in 2017 & you think you know me ? you spread news about me never going to school , how does my education back ground affect your bank statement? you claim I have 5 kids from different fathers & that I cant be your role model what happened to your mother & aunties , are they not role models enough or good example to you ? & with the different fathers if your father isnt in the missing list why are you concerned ? this many children you are talking about are living a better life than yours , are they complaining ? 

you say I walk nacked & that my age doesnt allow , do you feel my age for me ?are you the certified agemetter? if you had a body like mine at my age with six children wont you feel good in abikini ? you say I show off , even you what you post I believe should be yours why not post it if you have it ? if you had what I have wont you be proud to share & let people know it can be done ? you say I post too much , is it not because you look too much ? they say am arrogant well the trueth is I dont take shit from anyone thats all, I will tell you the trueth any time any day , am not lice that you will toyo with one nail .

STOP TAKING PANADOL FOR MY OWN HEADACHE you dont know my journey hence you cant own my life , I will do what I want anytime anyday as long as #teambigfive have eaten, school fee paid , pools attended too, employess salaries paid , mummy is travelling , fans are entertained God is represented , you cant tell me 1 shit about the life you dont know , organise your own life you will use less energy #MADAMBOSS

Below are some of the photos of Akothee, as she performed in Dallas, wearing an outfit that has elicited mixed reactions on social media.




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