MP reveals how he has been taking bribes


Sirisia MP John Waluke. [Photo:]

An elected Member of Parliament has admitted to taking bribes.

Sirisia MP, Mjr (Rtd) John Waluke says corruption has been rife not just in the current parliament, but also in previous assemblies.

Waluke who resigned as the ODM Bungoma County chairman, to join President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party, said he has severally received money, and has never refused to take it.

He said this was a normal trend for MPs, especially money coming from heads of parastatals and other institutions, who bribe them to skew audits and other investigations.

“There’s no member here, who can say that either he has not ‘eaten’ anything on that line. So all of us we need to be honest,” he said, at Parliament buildings.

“They give Ksh100,000 to each member or Ksh200,000. It depends,” Waluke told NTV, adding that he was removed from Parliamentary Committee in 2015.

According to him, money is brought to him, with those bribing saying “Mheshimiwa have this”.

“Even you.. can you refuse money? No – there’s nobody that can refuse money, maybe God. So if I’m given free money, why should I refuse?” he continued.

The MP who seeks re-election in his constituency, which lies in Bungoma County, is supposed to be facing trial over his role in the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) scandal, which saw millions of shillings disappear.

This is after Erad General Supplies company, where he is a director, was accused of forging documents, to demand for Sh200 million from the NCPB.

Waluke revealed that some of his colleagues have been asking for bribes from him, so as to defend or cover him from the scandal.

“When my fellow colleagues asked me to give them Sh56 million before they support me. I said no, maybe you wait until we are paid. I only gave them Sh5 million for sure. And for them it was little,” revealed Waluke, in an exposé featured on the TV station, June 13, 2017.


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