Meet writer, Alice Diana


Alice Diana. The passionate journalist writes for, and has been winning bonuses weekly. [Photo: Alice Diana]

Her day starts at 5:30am and ends at midnight.

Meet Alice Diana, the frequent bonus winner, that awards its writers weekly with informative news articles.

She joined the online news company in January, 2017, following an invitation from a friend. Before, she had heard about it from the same friend, but hesitated to join.

Alice has been submitting not one or two stories, but several articles on a daily basis, which gives her the chance to win. What is the secret? Well, it is planning, she says.

“I usually plan my day before I start writing. Each day I give myself a target of stories to write depending on other engagements I have, that day. I also sacrifice a lot of my leisure time so that I can get some extra minutes to write and do my research,” she said.

“My family also plays a big role by supporting me and giving me ample time to do my work after I was introduced to by Dickens Luvanda, in 2016, a very good friend of mine. I signed up and started writing for the company in January, 2017,” she adds.

The passionate youthful journalist is motivated by her passion to inform. Diana says the passion for journalism motivates her to keep writing.

“I am also motivated by the bonuses I receive from Hivisasa at the end of every week,” she says in smile.

Alice Diana, shooting at an indoor event.

The Malava Girls High School alumni shares her challenges, in journalism and writing.

Sometimes sources may be unwilling to disclose the much needed information to her.

“Other times you need to go to hostile places to cover a story. It’s also hard to find a story during the dry days,” notes Diana, who admits Hivisasa has changed her life.

She reveals: “Not only have I improved my writing skills but also make livelihood out of writing for Hivisasa. The money paid to me per article and bonuses is my earning.”

Diana who trained for her Journalism and Mass Communication course at the Kenya Institute of Media and Technology and graduated in 2015, hints at furthering her education.

She says Journalism is interesting if one has the passion and commitment. She advises other writers not to struggle to copy somebody elses’ style of covering a story.

“Do it in your own unique style, and always put God ahead,” chuckles Diana, who also works at her church’s media team.


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