MP touched my thighs to remove my panty, Millie Odhiambo reveals


Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo and husband Mr Mabona. [Photo: Courtesy]

Mbita Constituency MP Millie Odhiambo has revealed that a male colleague sexually harassed her.

She told the Thursday June 15, evening sitting, that, a member touched her thighs to remove her panty sometime back in the House, therefore sexually harassing her.

Millie was speaking when Speaker Justin Muturi was in the Committee of the Whole House, making changes to the Standing Orders.

“Mr chair, you should have included sexual violence in that standing order. I was sexually harassed by a male member here. He tried to undress me by removing my panty. You don’t touch my panty. You’re not Mr Mabona (her husband),” Millie told Muturi, sending the few MPs present into laughter.

“Member for Mbita, did you say to address or PO BOX? That should be a story for another day. I think she has cheered up the house. Sometimes making amendments to standing orders can be very borng,” Muturi cheaped in, jokingly.

Millie however reiterated her statement, saying the House should have added the Sexual Violence to a Standing Order that was being amended.

“What if it was another member who was being undressed? That would be very traumatising for her. It was lucky that it was Millie who does not care. I am wonderfully and fearfully made, so there are some things that I don’t care,” added the outspoken ODM lawmaker.


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