Raila Odinga mourns Helmut Kohl


Helmut Kohl. [Photo: Toronto Star]

Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, is mourning the death of Helmut Kohl.

Kohl, is described as a towering postwar figure who reunified Germany after 45 years of Cold War antagonism.

According to the New York Times, propelled a deeply held vision of Europe’s integration and earned plaudits from Moscow and Washington for his deft handling of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Kohl died on Friday June 16, at his home in Ludwigshafen, Germany, the Rhine port city where he was born. He was 87.

In his message of condolence, Raila defined the deceased as the ‘father of German reunification.

Below is the former Prime Minister’s message.

Helmut Kohl, the “father of German reunification” has passed on. An architect of the Maastricht Treaty, which established the European Union, the late Kohl embodied a leadership that has courage to envision and create a future that could handle new challenges. 

Most importantly to me was his conviction to shape German conservatism with a social agenda. I have always believed that for any country to be truly successful, its prosperity must touch all its citizens.

I consider Herr Kohl one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century. May he rest in peace.


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