Uhuru opens Sh125 million livestock resource centre in Bomet


President opens Sh125 million livestock resource centre at Sotik, Bomet, June 16, 2017. [Photo: PSCU]
President Uhuru Kenyatta has opened a Sh125 million animal resource centre at Sotik, to boost livestock production as he campaigned to consolidate Jubilee’s support in Bomet County.

The Liquid Nitrogen plant set up by the national government, through the Kenya Animal Genetic Resource Centre, produces 50 litres of the key ingredient for preservation of livestock semen used in artificial insemination.
The animal resource centre, which serves 16 counties, including Kericho, Kisii and Migori also operates as a semen bank.
Speaking at the event, President Kenyatta said his administration recognised agriculture as one of the key sectors of the economy and will continue to invest heavily in it.

Accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto, Uhuru pointed out that the new liquid nitrogen plant would ensure that farmers from the region easily improve their livestock breeds at an affordable price.

“We are implementing all these initiatives because we want to improve production and lift the lives of farmers. Opening of the liquid nitrogen plant in Sotik heralds a new income-generating opportunity for the youth where they can use motorcycles to supply AI products to farmers,” Kenyatta said.
“As Jubilee, we believe in empowering people by providing opportunities to create wealth and lift the lives of all Kenyans. But our opponents believe to alleviate poverty they have to deny others opportunities,” he added, Friday.

Uhuru highlighted steps taken to boost crop and livestock production including reviving factories that had collapsed, citing the recent opening of new ultramodern milk factory in Eldoret revived by his administration at a cost of Sh500 million.
He said Sh80 million had been factored in the budget to upgrade the Kenya Cooperative Creameries factory at Sotik to provide market for dairy farmers.

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