Forget presidency, Uhuru tells Raila


Jubilee Party Leader President Uhuru Kenyatta address supporters in Bomet. [Photo: PSCU]

President Uhuru Kenyatta has told off Opposition Leader Raila Odinga, over his presidential ambitions.

Raila is Uhuru’s major rival in the August 8 polls. He is vying on an ODM party ticket, and is the National Super Alliance (Nasa) leader.

The two have had a political rivalry history, with each, seeking outdo the other.

While in Kericho, last week, Uhuru told Raila that he should wait to retire home peacefully, since his attempt to be the country’s president, would definitely hit a dead end, as before.

He said his government was preparing a good retirement benefit for the former premiere alongside his deputy, former vice president, Kalonzo Musyoka, in preparations for their retirement from politics, after the August 8, loss.

“You can ask for anything you want but forget the president. Forget working as a president in Kenya. We will give you a good pension and security to look after you at home as you retire. But for presidency, no, forget it,” Uhuru said, as he addressed  a rally in Kericho town, Thursday.

Uhuru seeks for a second term, and has been traversing various counties, for campaigns, alongside hos deputy, William Ruto.

Nasa, led by Raila, is as well on a campaign trail, faulting Uhuru’s team, of failing Kenyans, since they assumed office in 2013.


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