NTSA officers nab driver ferrying 43 pupils in a 7-seater van


Little Angels and Alfajiri Academy school kids in the 7-seater school van, along Iten – Tambach, in Elgeyoy-Marakwet, June 20, 2017. [Photo: NTSA]

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has intercepted a school van, carrying children to school, past the recommended capacity.

NTSA raised concerns over such cases, saying it was illegal, since it endagered lives of innocent kids.

In the incident, the 7-seater private van was carrying 43 pupils from Little Angels and Alfajiri Academy, along Iten – Tambach road, in Elgeyoy-Marakwet, when NTSA officers flagged it down, arresting the driver, Tuesday morning.

“Dear Kenyans, Kindly take interest in how our children are transported to school. The safety of our children should not be taken lightly. Today, a seven (7) seater vehicle has been intercepted along Iten – Tambach road carrying 43 pupils from Little Angels and Alfajiri Academy,” said NTSA, Monday.

In a communication, the road safety institution condemned the incident, saying in case of any crash there would be the risk of more injuries and deaths involving the children.

“As we intensity our efforts in ensuring our roads are safe, we urge our fellow Kenyans to take keen interest in their school transportation and report any cases of overloading or reckless driving. Road safety is a shared responsibility.”

The driver is set to appear in court.

School kids from the 7-seater school van.


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