Raila is a selfish leader, says Uhuru


President Uhuru Kenyatta in Murang’a county, June 21, 2017. [Photo: PSCU]

President Uhuru Kenyatta says Opposition leader Raila Odinga is not a nationalist but a selfish leader who specialises in dividing Kenyans along tribal lines.

According to him, the Nasa presidential candidate is always busy dividing Kenyans along ethnic lines while other leaders are busy trying to unite Kenyans.

Speaking during his tour of Murang’a County, Uhuru said Raila was so divisive that he even cites debt waivers for coffee farmers to incite other Kenyans, while ignoring the fact that subsidies for farmers had been done on a national scale.

“He forgets that we implemented livestock insurance to serve pastoralists and that we have put in so much money to revive Pan Paper,” said Uhuru, while in Gatanga, citing Raila’s recent claims that Uhuru’s government had neglected pastoralists.

He also accused Raila of trying to put a wedge between different communities instead of uniting Kenyans.

“Raila is a specialist in dividing Kenyans. We want a united Kenya unlike what Raila is advocating for.”

Uhuru who was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto, urged Murang’a residents to vote for Jubilee administration for a second term in office, in August 8.


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