Uhuru slams Opposition for discrediting his agriculture efforts


A sugarcane plantation.

President Uhuru Kenyatta today says his administration has extended relief to farmers to boost production.

Refuting claims by the Opposition that some sectors are favoured than others, Uhuru pointed out that his administration focuses on serving all Kenyans equally and has not left out any agricultural sector unattended.

“My administration has ensured that farmers in all sectors benefit from our efforts to improve agriculture contrary to the propaganda peddled by the opposition that some areas are more favoured than others,” he said.

Speaking in Murang’a County when he made several stopovers to address and rally residents to give him and his Jubilee team a second term, Uhuru said sugarcane farmers were among those who had benefited from his administration’s initiatives.

He cited Mumias Sugar Company which the government revived by injecting Sh3.1 billion, besides allocating Sh500 million to pay cane farmers in Mumias.

Accompanied by his deputy William Ruto and other Jubilee leaders, Uhuru took issue with Opposition leader Raila Odinga for allegedly misleading Kenyans that the government was only waiving debts for coffee and tea farmers.

“When he (Raila) says we have waived debts for coffee and tea farmers, he should also say what we have done for the benefit of sugarcane and livestock farmers among others,” Kenyatta said, Wednesday.

He added: “Yes, we waived debts for coffee and tea farmers but similar waivers have been extended to farmers of other crops, such as sugarcane to help increase productivity and transform lives.”

Uhuru also spoke of his administration’s effort to revive cotton farming where he said plans were afoot to introduce new seeds that will improve production of the crop for the benefit of cotton farmers across the country.


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