Hessy Wa Kayole issues criminals with 2-days ultimatum to surrender firearms


A Facebook screenshot of one of the HESSY accounts.
Are you a frequent online person? Do you Facebook frequently? If yes, there is a possibility that you have ever come across “HESSY”, “Hessy wa Kayole”, “Hessy wa Dandora” or even “Hessy wa Huruma”.The said Facebook accounts shot to fame following the killing of Claire Mwaniki, wife of a “notorious” robber known as Mwaniki, on May 11. She was named ‘Nairobi’s prettiest gangster’ basing on her looks and young age.

The accounts post chilling images of fresh bodies of suspected criminals shot in Nairobi’s Kayole, Huruma and Dandora, hence the name HESSY.

The accounts were created by someone believed to be a police officer, when there was a lot of pressure from top cops in Nairobi over rising crimes in Kayole

Thursday, June 22, Hessy Wa Kayole issued a two days ultimatum to all criminals who are in possession of fire arms, to surrender them to the police, failure to which they will be ‘handled’.

A message was posted on the Facebook account, saying claims that they (criminals) had changed their ways for the better, will not be tolerated, once the ultimatum is over.

Hessy Wa Kayole warned that s/he had a list of 46 names of the criminals who were in possesion of fire arms, and should either surrender or vacate Nairobi, or see ‘fire’.

Below is the message, shared in Kiswahili language.

Tunasema hivi, vijana watafute kazi waache wizi…. Kama unajua una bunduki na unaishi Dandora tunataka upeleke bunduki yako kinyago within 48hrs…tumewapatia siku mbili peke yake na hapa niko na list ya vijana 46…hizo siku mbili zikiisha labda mhame Nairobi,msitudanganye mmebadilisha njia na bado mnaumiza raia, sisi hapana tambua… Surrender to the government ama mtaona cha mtema kuni
Na mkikuja kayole nawangoja

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