Saba Saba: NASA launches White Hat Clarion



Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) (now NASA) in a past rally. [Photo: Courtesy]

With just 34 days to the general election, Nasa presidential candidate, Raila Odinga has announced a countrywide campaign dubbed the White Hat Clarion.

The campaign aims to mobilise the youth towards enhancing peace during the August 8 elections.

The campaign is people-driven and aims to inspire the youth who, he said, had a greater stake in the country’s governance.

According to him, the white hat campaign will be rolled out on Friday July 7, 2017 (famously known as Saba Saba), when they will turn up wearing white hats or bandanas which signal the onset of a people-led peaceful revolution to reclaim Kenya’s lost glory.

Saba Saba is a particularly important day in Kenya as it heralded the quest for the restoration of multi-party democracy in 1990. It culminated in the repeal of Section 2 (a) of the Constitution in 1992 and the return of multi-party democracy in Kenya.

The White Hat Campaign will mark the beginning of the last phase of the Nasa campaigns and will see young people converge at Uhuru Park once a week to pray for peace ahead of the elections on August 8.

Odinga said the Saba Saba commemoration will take the Kenyan youth on a liberation journey from August 8th (election day) now being referred to as Nane Nane (8, 8).


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