Uhuru dismisses Opposition petition to postpone August 8th polls


President Uhuru Kenyatta waves to residents in Ukunda, alongside his deputy William Ruto, July 18, 2017. [Photo: PSCU]

President Uhuru Kenyatta has criticised the National Super Alliance (Nasa), after it moved to court seeking directive to compel the electoral body (IEBC) to postpone the August 8 polls, if the electronic systems to identify voters and transmit results, fail.

In the petition, the Raila Odinga-led alliance argues that the IEBC has insufficient time to come up with regulations that will establish a complementary mechanism for elections as he law stipulates.

Uhuru dismissed the opposition’s demands that the election should be put off if the electronic system fails on voting day.

While in Ukunda, Kwale County, Kenyatta reiterated that elections would be held on the slated day, and that nothing will make him allow it be pushed forward.

According to Uhuru, he sensed Opposition’s plot to postpone elections, after they started moving to court, filing cases against the IEBC, saying the commission was not ready for polls.
Accompanied by his deputy William Ruto, and Coast Jubilee leaders, Uhuru said Nasa’s agenda is to see a coalition governmnet (Nusu Mkate), in place, once the election is postponed, since they already sensed defeat.

“There’s no way we are going to have a nusu mkate governmnet. They should know that we will not allow it. Elections will be held on August 8, and we will not negotiate about it,” warned Uhuru, Tuesday.

Appearing in court, July 17, lawyer Paul Mwangi, representing Nasa, argued that IEBC had failed to put in place a complementary system as required by law, ahead of the polls, so far.

This, he said, should be a good reason why the August 8 polls should be postponed, especially if the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) systems and Electronic Voter Identification (EVI) systems fails on election day.

He cited Section 55 (b) of the amended Elections Act, saying it allows the IEBC to postpone elections in a constituency, county or ward until a complementary system is put in place, in case the electronic system files on voting day.

Mwangi, was seconded by fellow lawyers, James Orengo and Ben Sihanya, who told Justices Alfred Mabeya, Kanyi Kimondo, and Hedwig Ong’udi, that in the past polls, previous elections were compromised by failure of technology.

IEBC is however opposed to the petition.


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