Moses Kuria ‘finds’ missing IEBC Director, links Raila and Kenyans are not happy


Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria (L) at the scene of a car he said belongs to the missing IEBC ICT Acting Director, Chris Muhando, July 31, 2017. [Photo: Moses Kuria/Facebook]

A section of Kenyans have been angered by Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, after he linked Nasa presidential Odinga, to the missing of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) ICT Acting Director, Chris Musando.

The wife, reported at Embakasi Police station, that the husband was missing, after e attended a television interview, Friday.

Musando was among the few IEBC ICT managers who knew where the agency’s servers were and was scheduled to demonstrate a dry run, on how the relaying of results would be done after the election is on August 8, on Monday, July 31.

However, Moses Kuria who is a staunch Jubilee Party supporter, took to his Facebook page, saying he had found Musando’s car at his lover ‘mpango wa kando’, in Roysambu, Nairobi, ‘enjoying sweet time’.

“So this is Chris Musando’s vehicle right now here at Roysambu. The idiot is enjoying sweet time with a woman. And the story was that he is privy to ‘rigging’ and he cant be found. Verily, verily I say unto you Raila. You will not burn this country. Not when I am alive,” Kuria said Monday early morning, and shared a photo.

This angered some Kenyans, who reacted harshly as indicated below.

Mmbwanga Jnr Nejad
Mmbwanga Jnr Nejad How did you get to find the car ! Where is he ! You will not steal votes when we are alive
Thaddeus Mac Odero
Thaddeus Mac Odero Look at this idiot. Does Raila feature in your nightmares. Why utter his name at this time of the night. Useless creature.
Ali Walia
Ali Walia Biblically, Moses never set his foot in Canaan because his hands were full of blood. I’m not surprised that Moses Kuria has a premonition that he will indeed not set foot in Canaan…

Baron Mumo Muia So how is raira coming in here!! iebc wrote it on their twitter handle? wee ni fala sana…this how jubilee will loose this election mtajua hamjui. why not tell kenyans the truth? always looking for any slight opportunity and spin propaganda againt Hon. Raila!! The biggest problem right now is Jobs for our youths….anything else is bullcrap..

TedSam Sites
TedSam Sites Kuria be serious with life. U r not a police officer to go looking for a person reported missing. U utter crap and Spread animosity among Kenyans. May fire and brimstone come down and burn you before elections.. Grow up and shut up
Wuod Nyagol Nyakwar Ochiel
Wuod Nyagol Nyakwar Ochiel Moses Kuria, you may want to report this to the police, how you knew it was his vehicle, where to find him and how you know he is with a woman having a good time. These may be of interest for the investigation since you seem to be the only person with his details, for all we know he hasn’t been seen and could be in danger or worse-dead!

Kenneth Benihana does the presence of the vehicle prove that he is in roysambu, what if he was kidnapped by jubilee goons and the vehicle abandoned here? just asking

Godffrey Bin Goddy
Godffrey Bin Goddy Now what has Raila done with his missing?!is he a police….pity those you lead and who to elect you again!!!you lack wisdom!!symbol of disgrace to society!!!
Judy Wamuyu
Judy Wamuyu I have counted 4 men in that picture and a KCB 262Q among the men and vehicle who is this ICT manager?and alas you’ve insunated there is a woman where is she?. You got a chance to insult my intelligence do your best.
Kenneth Ogonda
Kenneth Ogonda Raila has never talked about this Moses Kuria. For your information, Raila is the one chosen by God this time round to lead this nation. It means that however much Jubilee tries to rig, even if they are announced by the iebc as the winners, Raila will be the president. But if you think you are more powerful than God, then believe otherwise.

Dacho John Why do you call him an idiot. Why?.


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