IEBC receives last batch of presidential ballot papers as polls day near


Cargo plane carrying IEBC presidential allot papers at the JKIA, August 1, 2017. [Photo: IEBC]

The electoral agency, IEBC, has received the second and last batch of presidential ballot papers.

Led by chairman Wafula Chebukati, IEBC received the cargo at the JKIA, Tuesday evening.

The ballot papers are 161 pallets for 17 counties; Laikipia (No. 31) to Nairobi (No. 47).

IEBC received a total of 192 pallets of presidential ballot papers for 30 counties at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Monday at around 9 pm.

The ballot papers belong to counties from No: 001 – 30 (which is Mombasa to Baringo), which arrived from the Dubai based Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing firm.


@dailynation 1h1 hour ago

There are 20,818,000 (twenty million, eight hundred and eighteen thousand) presidential ballot papers in 416,360 (four hundred and sixteen thousand, three hundred and sixty thousand) booklets of 50 pages each.

This includes the 1 per cent additional ballot papers, which is to cater for spoilt ballot paper before casting the vote.

The 1 per cent is rounded off to the nearest 50 for purposes of packaging, therefore cumulatively gives higher percentage.

The ballot papers are serialised and will go to specific and designated areas, for Kenyans to vote on August 8.


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