What Ida Odinga will prioritise when she’s the first lady


A screenshot of Ida Odinga, during an interview on NTV, August 3, 2017.

Ida Odinga, the wife to National Super Alliance Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga, has expressed optimism that he will be Kenya’s fifth first lady, after next week’s Tuesday general election.

If she becomes the first lady, the teacher who is largely engaged in girl child education, said she will help her husband, serve the people of Kenya, diligently.

During an interview on NTV, Wednesday, Ida outlined several things that she would prioritise.

1. Help improve on health matters. She cited when her daughter Rosemary, was flown to South Africa for medication, saying she was disturbed to see Kenyan doctors in the country, who had left the country to work there.

2. Continue empowering the girl child, through educaction.

3. Ensure there is proper system to cater for single mothers. She cited when her husband was detained back in the 1980’s, leaving her to cater for all her young children, alone. She said single mothers are usually left to compete for limited space like everybody else, despite their weaknesses.

Ida further indicated she would want to be a role model to the women of Kenya, once she assumes office as the first lady, by encouraging them bring out their potential.


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